Mail Tracking & Login Control

Keep track on outgoing mails via Gmail and Yahoo webmail services. Sender, Receiver, CC, BCC, Subject, Mail Body, attachments etc.
you can allow specific login id's.

Block Category

No need to individually add each web-site in a block list. You can block websites as per different popular categories like Social Networking facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin etc. or Video, Music,game, Porn etc.

Invisible & Protected Software

Software does not appear in the Add/Remove programs list.it is not recognizable from Task Manager.It is protected under Administrator Account. User can't uninstall the software.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Daily and Hourly Traffic / Bandwidth (Data Download and Upload in MB's) can monitor
for each device and Report to Lan and Web .its beneficial for user system.

Block gmail attachment

Blocks all the outgoing attachment from your system to gmail and block attachment when size more tha 25 MB is uploading on Google drive via Gmail Keep your office Data secure and safe.

Block Whatsapp attachment

Block all outgoing attachment on Whatsapp Web Such as all type of documents file (doc,pdf,txt,xls,zip )audio,video. Keep your office Data confidential,secure and safe.

User Friendly

Installs quickly and is easy to manage. With an intuitive interface you can easily customise to suit your needs. Corp web control can be remotely installed on other computers on your Active Directory network

Content Filter Keywords

Administrator can add any keyword of choice. Web pages with these Keyword will be blocked.It blocks access to websites based on content controlled by keywords

Time Based Internet Control

Administrator can switch the entire Internet Access ON or OFF as per the Day of Week and Time.
Separate Time policies can be assigned to each Group

Block Torrent Downloads

Torrents consume lot of speed & bandwidth.Used for downloading videos,games,pirated software.Block Torrent Downloads in Corporate & Office networks.

Set Download Size Limit

You can set File Size Download limit in Policy. So that any type of large file like .mp3, video files, installers or other large files will be blocked and not allowed to download. Thus saving internet link speed and bandwidth.

Reporting Dashboard

Administrator or Management can view Top Web Sites requests for the entire organisation or for each PC. Approved websites can be added to Ignore List, so that only new unapproved web-sites can be easily monitored.

Internet Application Control

Administrator can now block any application which should not be allowed Internet Access. e.g. you can block or allow "Teamviewer", "Orbit Downloader", "DAP" or "IDM" or any other such internet application.

Policy Management

Centrally Manage Policies for all departments, all branches, roaming laptops. Enables the administrator to share the configuration and monitoring responsibilities of the organization among endpoint

Fast Browsing

CorpWebControl client uses minimum memory and CPU Resources.It Keeps your PC and Browser in Top High Speed. Uses internal optimization logic for best performance and user friendly experience.

Secure Sites

A browser attempts to connect to a website secured with SSL. Encrypted data is shared between the browser and the server and https appears.Allowing only work related sites, ensures that your Computers and users are safe

Easy Payment Options

You have all payment options like ,you can purchase using Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking
You may also issue us a Cheque or Deposit Cheque in our Bank Account.
so it becomes easy.

System Assets

Administrator can check Hardware Inventory details of all devices in one place.using this feature we can check hardware information of specific device in details like User's Info,Hard Disk or Disk Space Info etc.

Cloud Based

Remote Cloud Based Reports and Policies: Administrators or Management manage policies/view Reports of all PCs from any internet device. No need to visit each PC .

Graphical Dashboard

CorpWebControl have Graphic Dashboard and Statistics.you can View top web-sites allowed and blocked. also it have Cloud Based Control Panel.and Global Login from anywhere.

Flexible Plans

You can purchase software as per the number of Client PCs in your organisation. You can purchase for any odd number of Client PCs like 13 or 77 etc.

Secure Servers

Our servers are hosted in a world class data center that is protected by biometric locks and 24- hour surveillance.our application is always up to date with the latest security patches.

User Request

If user wants any website to be allowed then he can raise a request. System Admin will be notified with an SMS. Admin can add the website to the Allow-List.

Powerful Website Blocking

Blocking allows to deny access to time-wasting websites and social networks with a simple point and click. This outstanding and an easy to use feature keeps your team focussed on your business and projects.